Individual therapy and counseling focus on the applicant’s problems, relationships and life course in general. The aim of the individual therapy is to enable the person to identify his/her own modes of behavior and attitudes, to understand the dynamics of his/her close relationships, to support the applicant to gain insight in the various aspects of their problems, to help them realize their feelings and needs, to build mindfulness while gradually reconstructing their lives in accordance with their own values and needs.

The aim of couples therapy is to define the nature and evolution of the couple’s relationship. The work consists mainly in facilitating both sides to voice out their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, needs and expectations pertaining to their relationship. By arousing their awareness in their own responses, the interventions could lead each participant to adopt a sincere communication in the here and now. Building awareness of their experienced feelings, their immediate thoughts and modes of behavior can help the couple to rectify and change them if necessary. In the case of a decisive separation, the work will ensure a less painful and a healthier one.

This is the type of therapy done with a group of participants who choose to come together under a common theme. The group consists of 8 to 10 participants who meet on the same day and hour of the week for a pre-decided period of time (between 12-20 weeks) They discuss and work on their chosen theme together with a group leader who encourages active participation by voicing out felt emotions and immediate thoughts. The focus rests on open and sincere communication in the here and now while illuminating the reciprocal influences among the group members. The basis of group work consists in sharing and interpersonal communication. Participants help each other to clarify their problems, build a sincere communication and come up with solution proposals. They support each other in applying their newly gained skills in daily life.

Considering that verbal communication is only a small portion of our human interaction, art material like drawing, painting, writing, music, drama, sculpting and movement turn to be very efficient tools of non-verbal human expression. This enriching approach enables the participants to explore their own feelings, concepts and perceptions in a way that transgresses words, thus widening their horizons. Verbally unexpressed thoughts and feelings may pop up through art and movement, thus enhancing the personal world of thoughts and emotions.

These are long weekend workshops around a chosen theme and are realized in a natural environment somewhere in Anatolia. Nature and location help to enhance the thoughts, feelings, perceptions and concepts around the chosen theme, all supported by art material, music and movement for a richer exploration and personal fulfillment. This personal development work, which already has a history of 23 years, leads to new awarenesses, enlarged perspectives, and renewed freshness.

This is a consciousness-raising work whereby family trees will be defined and analyzed, leading the participants to better understand the values, beliefs and behaviors that have been handed down from closer and extended family members. Genealogies that extend to three or four generations back provide several clues for present behaviors as well as unadressed problems: the known and unknown family history, told and untold stories and secrets, societal gender roles, life stories, spoken and unspoken traumas help the participant to better understand his/her life line, the voluntary and involuntary choices as well as the unconscious repetitive traumas and health problems. Open results help the development of a higher understanding of the self and provide a new personal freedom.