Graduated from Istanbul University, Psychology Department (1967) she received her M.A. in Psychological Counseling from the Boğaziçi University of İstanbul (1979).  After several years of working as a therapist at  psychological counseling centers in Istanbul, she founded the Nirengi Psychological Counseling Center in 1989 and has been its director ever since.  The Center is renowned for individual, couples and group therapies, professional education seminars, personal development projects, conferences, professional case studies, and is the initiator of the Art and Movement Therapies in Turkey.  A multitude of educational as well as personal development seminars have contributed to the formation of professionals and guided those committed in their personal growth.  In parallel to her individual, couple and group therapy work at Nirengi,  she teaches and provides supervision at BÜREM, the Psychological Guidance and Counseling Department of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul.  Between 1998-2008, she contributed as a BoD (Board of Directors) Member of the IAGP (International Association of Group Psychotherapies), fulfilled the functions of IAGP Newsletter Editor while she initiated and organized the IAGP Istanbul International Symposium in 2003.  In parallel, she organized and directed the PEFE (Professional Exchange for Further Education) program under the auspices of IAGP.  During the same years she was a member of the Academic Board of the Turkish Psychology Association.  For 15 years , she has been Faculty at the AGPA (American Association of Group Therapies) presenting institutes and group work. 

To date, she continues to present her academic and group work at various conferences, congresses, workshops and psychology institutions in Turkey and abroad.  

Her strong belief in the development of the human potential and personal skills for a mentally healthy and meaningful life